Corporate & Registrations

SEC Company Registrations, Foreign Investments & Corporate Matters

  1. How to Register One Person Corporation in Philippines
  2. Basic Features of One Person Corporation in Philippines
  3. How to Register Philippine Branch Office
  4. How to Register a Philippine BPO using a Foreign Corporation as Branch Office in Philippines
  5. How  to Register Philippine Representative Office
  6. How to Register Regional Operating Headquarters in the Philippines
  7. How to Register a Subsidiary of Foreign Entity in Philippines
  8. Registering Tax Exempt Foreign Corporations in Philippines
  9. How to Register a Non-stock Non-profit Corporation Philippines
  10. Basic Corporate Rules no Longer Applicable under Revised Corp. Code
  11. Legal Business Entity Registration in the Philippines
  12. Overview of Domestic Corporations in the Philippines
  13. 5 Advantages of Corporations over Sole Proprietorship
  14. Foreign Corporations in the Philippines
  15. Repatriating Foreign Investment Income in the Philippines
  16. BSP Registration of Foreign Investments in the Philippines
  17. Features of Lending Company in the Philippines
  18. SEC Security Deposit of Branch Offices in the Philippines
  19. Corporations Exempt from Income Tax in the Philippines
  20. Types of Educations Institutions in the Philippines
  21. Corporate Dividends Declaration in the Philippines
  22. Dissolution and Liquidation of Corporations in the Philippines

Philippine PEZA Ecozones & Incentives Registrations

  1. Features of Tax Incentives under PEZA Ecozones
  2. Classifications of Economic Zones in the Philippines
  3. Classifications of PEZA-registered Enterprises in the Philippines
  4. Tax Incentives of Tourism Ecozone In Philippines

BIR Requirements and Registrations

  1. Preservation of Books of Accounts in the Philippines
  2. Overview of Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR)
  3. Books of Accounts of Taxpayers in the Philippines
  4. How To Comply Summary Lists of Sales/Purchases
  5. OPT or VAT Registration with the BIR?
  6. Certificate of Tax Clearance on transfer of Certificate of Public Convenience
  7. 5 Basic Value Added Tax (VAT) Compliance in the Philippines
  8. Official Receipts and Sales Invoices in the Philippines
  9. Provisional Tax Clearance for Government Bidding in Philippines
  10. Features of Tax Compliance Verification Drive or Tax Mapping Philippines

Income & Withholding Taxes

Income Taxation in the Philippines

  1. How to File and Pay 2019 ITR in Philippines
  2. Basic Income Taxation of Corporations
  3. Overview of Deductible Business Expenses in the Philippines
  4. Overview of 10% improperly accumulated earnings tax in the Philippines
  5. Taxation of Reimbursable Expenses in the Philippines
  6. How to Compute Optional Standard Deductions
  7. Features of Minimum Corporate Income Tax in the Philippines
  8. Taxation of Reimbursable Expenses in the Philippines
  9. Supplementary Information on Individual Tax Returns
  10. 3 Tax Deductible Expenses with Limitations in Philippines
  11. Depreciation Expense of Vehicles in the Philippines
  12. Deductible Interest Expense for Income Tax Purposes
  13. Deductible Depreciation Expense for Income Tax Purposes
  14. Corporations Exempt from Income Tax in the Philippines
  15. 2013 Annual Income Tax Return Reminders
  16. Personal Exemptions for Income Tax Purposes
  17. Disallowance of Expense for Non-withholding of tax in the Philippines
  18. 10 Tax Mistakes on 2014 Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns in Philippines

Withholding Taxes (Compensation, Expanded, and Final)

  1.  7 Features of Withholding Tax System
  2. 8 Features of Withholding Tax on Compensation
  3. Withholding Tax Compliance of Top 20,000 Corporations Philippines
  4. Classification of Large Taxpayers in the Philippines
  5. Penalties for Employer’s Failure to Withhold in the Philippines
  6. Creditable Withholding Tax Certificates in the Philippines
  7. Income taxation of Employee Compensation in the Philippines
  8. Tax-exempt Employee Separation Fees in the Philippines
  9. Income Taxation of Expatriates in the Philippines
  10. Income Tax Classification of Expatriates in the Philippines
  11. Withholding Tax of Real Estate Service Practitioners
  12. Withholding Tax of Professional Fees of Doctors in Philippines
  13. How to Determine Income Tax Exempt Minimum Wage in Philippines

Fringe Benefits Tax in Philippines

  1. Fringe Benefits Tax in the Philippines
  2. Fringe Benefits Tax on Housing Privilege in the Philippines
  3. Fringe Benefits on Motor Vehicles in the Philippines

Court Cases Digests

Court of Tax Appeals (CTA)

  1. Parents Donation to Daughter on Nullified Marriage Taxable

Tariff and Customs

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