Recruitment Assistance

Our team can help you on the recruitment process especially if you are on the initial stage of business operation.

Our assistance normally includes the following:

  1. Management of the recruitment platform and evaluation of the candidates
  2. Screening of the candidates based on the qualifications set by the client
  3. Providing recommendation for qualified candidates

HR Manual & Review

Human Resources (HR) Manual is an embodiment of internal employee policies that would serve as references on the labor standards related to their employment (wages, benefits, hours of work, leaves, etc.), and dealing with disciplinary actions along with prescribed HR related processes and forms. Philippine Labor rules are pro-labor and employers are ought to exert extra effort in dealing with employee relations and discipline and this HR Manual in the Philippines could be a step towards managing related risks.

Our team could provide professional assistance on developing HR Manual in the Philippines that would contain such employee policies related to their employment and interaction with the management.

Payroll Outsourcing

We provide professional assistance in handling payroll computation for your employees based on duly provided time sheets and in reference to employee contracts or employee payroll policies. Computations would include gross pay taking into account employee attendance and rates, deductions for taxes in accordance with payroll tax rules in the Philippines, deductions for employee welfare for social security (SSS), housing (HDMF), and health insurance (PHIC) along with other deductions authorized like for loans, advances, and other matters.

Based on duly approved payroll computations under Philippine rules, we can key-in pay amounts to respective bank accounts or distribute pay checks based on preference, and remit related contributions to respective government agencies (BIR, SSS, PHIC, and HDMF) along with filing of related reports and filing with government agencies (e.g. BIR Form No. 1601C, BIR Form 1604CF and Alphalist of Employees, etc.).

Other related professional services could involve new employee registrations with government agencies, annualization of resigned employees before year-end, processing loan applications with SSS and HDMF, separation pay computations,

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